Shigaraki Daigorou
Gender ♂ Male
Personal Status
Status Alive
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Affiliation School
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 1; Episode 1

Shigaraki Daigorou (信楽 大五郎 Shigaraki Daigorou) is one of Yume and Utsutsu's friends at school.



He is good friends with Yuhei, Utsutsu, and Yume. He is friendly by nature and also one of the people who has seen Shiro's strength. He acts like a comic relief most of the time but does care about his friends like when he and Yuhei visited their house and realized they weren't home (not realizing they had abandoned their home and went on the run).


Trivia Edit

  • He is currently 17 years old.
  • He was born on July 21st.
  • His blood type is AB.
  • He has a younger brother who's questioning his brother's sexuality.
  • His father is a love hotel manager.
  • His favorite food is Mochi while his least favorite is nothing in particular.